“Tim spoke at a Disciple Now weekend for me. He was incredible! Tim speaks with honesty, integrity and is extremely relevant. My students are still talking about what a quality job Tim did!”

Youth Pastor, Indiana

“Tim connected with our students in an amazing way and brought deep insight from God’s Word that was relevant and edgy. I will have him back!”


Youth Pastor, Arkansas

“Tim’s abilities as a communicator of God’s word are truly a gift from God. Tim has rapport with students like few others I know. He brings a message to student in a way that is both honest and direct, and also captivating for those who hear him”

Pastor, Texas

“Tim is one of the most gifted and powerful speakers that I have ever heard! My students were locked in when he was speaking. I was also very thankful for how he encouraged the youth workers during the weekend. He would sit and talk for as long as was necessary to help whoever he was talking to. He was amazing and I highly recommend him!”

Youth Pastor, New Jersey

“I am convinced that there is no one any where that can minister to teens the way that Tim does. And not only to teenagers, Tim has a tremendous gift for encouraging and teaching youth ministers as well.”

Pastor, Texas

“Tim is able to communicate God’s word clearly and his enthusiasm captures his audience very effectively. What my students appreciated the most, however, was how Tim interacted with the students throughout the day when he wasn’t preaching. I VERY highly recommend him.”

Youth Pastor, Pennsylvania

“I consider Tim’s abilities to speak to students and their parents to the the very best in this nation…God’s hand is upon him”

Pastor, Tennessee

“Tim helped me understand how much God loves broken people. I am a “broken people” and I know that God can use me to do great things! Tim made the Bible understandable”

Student, Florida

“Tim spoke at our youth camp this summer and I can say that my students will never be the same (which is a great thing!). God moved in such an amazing way and lives were forever changed! Tim did such an amazing job bringing the Word to life!”

Youth Pastor, Texas

“Tim has a burning passion to reach young people with the radical love of Jesus. Every time I have seen Tim speak God has moved in a mighty way!”

Pastor, Arkansas

I have been the director of our summer camp for years. We brought Tim in and, I can say, he was probably one of the most powerful speakers we have ever had. The way he commanded the room was incredible. His stories, testimonies, and the way he explain the Bible was extraordinary. Our students loved it when Tim spoke. So many lives were changed that week. You got to bring him in, you won’t regret it!”

Youth Pastor, North Dakota